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Jay Haley has done extensive research on the work of Milton Erickson, MD. Click here to order one of his books discussing their conversations, and learn what one master therapist has to say about another.

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On Approaching a Crisis: Threats of Violence, Divorce and Suicide:
"The gray zone between the professional and the personal gets a lot of attention in the literature but no one has dealt with it like this documentary has."
Braulio Montalvo, M.A.

On Macumba Trance and Spirit Healing:
"A fascinating account for public and college library viewers."

"Madeleine Richeport's film, 'Macumba, Trance and Spirit Healing,' was shot in Brazil, and is based on 12 years of study among North and South American cultures. It shows the roots and beliefs of Afro-spirit religions as practiced by the privileged rich as well as the illiterate poor. Spiritism is based on the belief that human beings can communicate with the supernatural world through mediums who act as intermediaries, she explains. The once forbidden sects, known as voodoo or macumba, have become not only respectable in Brazil but completely compatible with Christianity…

San Juan Star
On Whither Family Therapy?:
"Haley's fascinating personal recollections are interspersed with priceless rare film clips. . ."
Wendel A. Ray, Ph.D.

"This videotape is an intimate narrative documentary, containing photos and clips from an album of a particular thread of the family therapy tapestry. It is complete with memories, nostalgia, and many images, both still and moving. As with any documentary, the philosophy and politics of the times are revealed to the viewer. To anyone who has been involved with family therapy for some time, this is a trip down memory lane and a refreshing review of the genesis of Haley's point of view. To the student, it is an orientation and introduction to some of the pioneers and great minds that contributed to the development of pragmatic family therapies and the forerunners to today's short-term family therapies."

Jennifer Andrews, PhD, in Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

Philips Graduate Institute
Encino, CA
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On Changing a Violent Family:
"The issue of child abuse and multiple agencies makes it a 'today's case.' The defining of goals, the manner in which these therapists come around to think in problem-solving terms about this horrible situation is downright uplifting. The playful use of paradox with the identities of 'good' and 'evil' and the peak event of getting father in takes this film beyond the usual range."
Braulio Montalvo, M.A.
On Milton H. Erickson, MD: Explorer in Hypnosis and Therapy:
"Erickson understood the dignity of the human spirit."
Science Books & Films

"This production is a collection of still photographs, old movies, and recently videotaped interviews that relate to the life and work of Milton Hyland Erickson. Erickson himself is represented only by scarce vintage footage, still photos, and a few cuts from videotapes taken in his later life. The interviews include colleagues, students, family members and patients. The complex style of this production is reminiscent of both the individual portrayed, and the depth of his work.

Elizabeth Erickson
Member of the Board of Directors
The Milton Erickson Foundation
Phoenix, Arizona
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On Family Therapy at a Distance: A Case of Depression:
"I enjoyed this tape (which I watched twice) for a number of reasons: the opportunity to watch Haley's gentle mastery, the trainee's struggle, the cinėma vėritė quality (where everything doesn't work out smoothly after one intervention). . . Therapists, trainees, and supervisors all will find much to discuss on this well-made tape."
Michael F. Hoyt, Ph.D.

On Dance and Trance of Balinese Children:
"…valuable to professionals to gain a more complete understanding of the cultural context of hypnotic trance."
Betty Alice Erickson, M.S.

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